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.040, .063. & .080 Aluminum sheets have a baked on enamel coating on both sides. This product is the best value for exterior signs. .063 &. 080 are available only in white. .040 is available in a number of colors.

PVC, (Komatex®)

3MM (1/8), 6MM (1/4), & 13MM (1/2) A matte finish reduced glare plastic that has an architectural look and feel. Good for both indoor and outdoor signage. Excellent product for menus, trade shows & point of purchase.


A  light plastic, self supporting, hollow core ribbed material much like cardboard in design, inexpensive and a great choice for both interior and short-term exterior signage. Metal step stakes can be placed directly into the vertical flutes for quick & easy sign placement.


3/16 thick lightweight high quality foam board for making displays, great for mounting digital prints & photos.

Medium Density Overlay Plywood (MDO)

1/2 and 3/4 thicknesses; a smooth resilient top coated wood product that holds up for years. Good for construction site & large format projects, easy to work with, can be painted to match custom colors.


Aluminum face front & back, with a thermal core 3mm thick  very ridged  – our most popular sign panel.

Magnetic Sheeting

.030 flexible materials that conform to surface shapes, can be remove & reapplied.

Acrylic, (Plexiglass®)

Long-lasting 1/8 and 3/16 high gloss plastic sheets. We stock clear & white, other colors are available.

High Density Urethane (HDU)

Looks & works like wood but will not rot or decay & is completely waterproof. The typical applications are upscale sandblasted signs, routed signs, and hand carved signs.

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